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The Cheshire Academy of Excellence offers professional nail technician training courses in Macclesfield, suitable for beginners as well as experienced therapists who may wish to update their skills.
We offer unique training packages along with discounted supplies and free support and advice giving the peace of mind you require embarking on your new career as a nail technician.
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Nail Trainer

By using the Nail Trainer as the centerpiece of your training program, you embark upon the fastest route to becoming a highly-skilled Nail Technician. Nail Trainer lets you practice your nail skills whenever you want and for as long as you want.

'Practice makes perfect'

If you are serious about building a profitable career as a Nail Technician, get yourself a Nail Trainer Hand.

training hand
Price: £120.00

Benefits of having a Nail Trainer Hand:
  • You will never have to search for models again.
  • Create nail extensions faster.
  • Achieve a higher skill level.
  • Do durable, long lasting nails.
A Nail Trainer will also help you:
  • Build self confidence.
  • Speed the learning process.
  • Improve application techniques.
  • Eliminate mistakes on nails.
  • Increase you skill levels.
Use your own nail products to learn your skills on Nail Trainer:
  • Acrylic Tip / Overlay Nails.
  • Acrylic Sculpted Nails.
  • Gel Tip / Overlay Nails.
  • Fibreglass.
  • Maintenance / Infills / Repairs.
  • Nail Art.
Eliminate nail problems such as:
  • Searching for hand models.
  • Finding time to improve skills
  • Repeated application mistakes.
  • Inconsistent results.